Turn It Around

My King once told me that I would not be able to find one person that lived the word of God. It became a personally challenge, because I knew that I was striving to be exactly that. He said people take bits and pieces of the Bible and apply it to their situation. To his point, it’s true. He went on to explain that most religious folks are hypocrites, preach and condemn one for their sins, but behind closed doors have their own demons they are dealing with. It’s the “holier than thou” attitude. I understood his perspective, but I really didn’t care because I know that at the end of the day we all have to stand before judgment, so therefore my job is to love and be obedient to the word of God.

I’ve watched many people seek to attempt to claim or capture the gifts and talents that God has blessed me with and each time its come either undervalued, you want something for nothing, or reverse psychology, or men of the cloth seeking to want to bed me in order for me to serve in the kingdom, and each time I’ve been disappointed because these are our so called leaders.

Rejection in any form is a spirit killer. We talk about change, but do we truly believe in change. God accepts us right where we are at and encourages us in love to serve him with our free will, choice. My King has watched a warm reception of half of a team, but seen religion ostracize the part of the other team. Here we lay our gifts at the alter only to be told, no we don’t accept your gifts because you are not in a certain place. It’s no wonder people’s faith level has declined across the board. As the song goes, who can you run too? The deeper issues is that the behavior does not invoke a change for the better, in fact it says, why should I change and I’m better over here where I am celebrated verses tolerated. It does not invoke a sense of responsibility to live a righteous lifestyle because it does not resemble a love like that God speaks of in the Bible. In turn, it has caused a stronghold of a force that is not of God, when it should be God in middle. 90% of what you’ve seen had little to do with the God in me, but the God in him.

Adam was created from the dust of the ground, then Eve was developed from his rib and designed procreated a family, a Godly vision (the garden). Hence why women are born to nurture their husband’s dreams into existence and the key to Godly household. When you are faced with giving natural birth or adopting, often you weigh the pros and cons and go with what makes the best sense at your level of understanding. If God’s path means just working with the one, then so be it. Our purpose is complete in Him. God never rejected me. He rejected my behavior through loving correction, but he has never left me nor forsaken me EVER!

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Inside Your Mind

So tired: Ok, if you listen to a music channel it has commercials. Repeatedly, that’s how the company is able to provide you the service for Free. Well there is one commercial that comes on almost every 5 songs. It’s for you to get your pictures for free. Why do you think they want to offer printing your pictures for a Free? I was always taught nothing is for free in this world. Most behavior shows that if you hear it long enough you will believe and receive, sounds familiar in the word? What was meant for evil, God is turning around for Good!

Here, let Mike explain it better:


Or better yet check out Will Smith in

I don’t know! Signed tired of hearing the Free Prints commercial, can I fast forward please!

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Reevaluation of God as Love

When you look at I Corinthians 13:4-9 it defines what Love is. Religous or Pharisee thinking has oust or limited God’s creativity and instruments of His Love. Just as there are different functions of the body to perform different task, there are different people to reach different audiences for Christ sake. For example, Denzel Washington as an actor has played both a good and evil spirit and in each character shown the repercussion of that spirit. In Fallen, he dealt with spirits in a realm that seemed unimaginable and in the Book Eli, he was the chosen blind man to deliver the word of God because he hid it in his heart. That was his purpose. He played a jerk in Training Day and how the people supported his behavior. But at the end of the day, his gift is to be an actor. In most cases, a persons true character is drawn to who they really are. Energy for light or darkness. But religion, who simply sees him as a philanthropist ATM machine to aid in supporting the ministry verses his soul. Many of whom are called secular artist are rejected in Christianity and get “Pimped” out in the world due to lack of acceptance (i.e. Love). Hence why especially in the early days many would surcome to drugs, alcohol and other stubling blocks when life got tough verses having a solid foundation of Christ in their life. You cannot go to a spiritual leader who condemns verses instructs in love. God is no respector of person. You are to love God with all your heart. Then love your neighbor as yourself. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Those who purport to love God can never loose focus on how Jesus loved on everyone, but most importantly how He forgives all of your shortcomings day in and day out. What the world need is love. The church is the Ark of Safety.

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At the Masters Feet

It’s a amazing how God can turn your situation around and leave areas of your life still waiting in anticipation. God likes to be needed and depended upon. He knows if He answers all of your request at once, you may not need Him anymore. Each step that, I take I learn to depend upon you more and more.

I need you Lord in every area of my life both through the good and the challenging times. I need you to constantly reveal things to me and order my footsteps.

I thank you for this latest assignment and how it parallels with my own issue that is not yet in alignment with your word. But I see you working and in helping someone else, you revealed to me that this battle is not mine but yours, my job is to keep the situation covered in prayer and know that you are a God that keeps your promises. You constantly bring to remembrance all the wonders of your work even when my flight becomes weary.

I trust you Lord more and more each day. I free fall on your mercy and grace everyday. I know that I am covered by your arms of protection because I have purpose and it will be covered all the way to it’s fulfillment. Therefore I worry not what tomorrow brings, just that I must seek you and your will in all that I do and know that you are the Alpha and the Omega. In you I put my trust. In you, I humbly bow.

You’ve never left me nor forsaken me and it’s you I can depend. In the face of the Goliath’s of the world, I know who is victorious in you. It’s easily to get distracted and off course with the daily task and the enemy’s tactics but that’s when I rely upon your word and know that no weapon formed against shall prosper. I know that I am your anointed one and you said touch not thou anointed and you dispatch angels all around those in whom are connected to the vine so I say thank you.

At my Master’s feet with a heart of thanksgiving as an instrument of your love. Continue to endow me oh Lord with your presence. Endow me oh Lord with more of your power that I may serve you more and let me not forget your presence and your benefits. I know that it is all under your control and ain’t no need to worry because you’ve already shown me how the story will end. So yes, I trust you. Endow me oh Lord as I serve you at your feet for your purpose and your glory in all that I do. Amen.


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God’s Timing.

I sit here and recall when My King first told me “In God’s timing, not yours”. I was like, I know that in almost an irritates posture. I also remember the title of Chapter 7, “Letting God Lead the Way” of our upcoming book. When I look back, God has been ordering our footsteps all along. He gave us a vision and between our gifts and talents, God placed things into motion. Through all of the ups and downs, God has been in complete control. You never know how or when God is going to turn things around, but you remain steadfast, trusting and believing in His word. “Be Persistent, To Be Blessed”. Clarity. The situation all around you maybe saying one thing, but faith is the substance of things hoped for and evidence not seen. I’ve watched my frustrations turn into joy and peace again. I’ve watched God open doors that only He could have opened. Nothing like having people breathe down your throat about finances and then God steps in and calms the raging sea. I’ve watched my personal frustrations go from “I shall not be moved with knowing I’m being pressured to, I know and trust God’s voice that says “be still”. You can try to move if you want to, but God will reconfirm what He spoke in other ways. For example, my car…I like to be able to move freely, but if God says not now, He will show you why. If I had taken to the road, my tire would have come off and the other tire had a nail in it, and then there are some other expensive work and maintenance that has to be done. But For my protection. Psalm 91. Others try to speculate and think they know what God is doing, but now I understand why I’m not even the co-pilot, I’m merely a passenger in God’s ride. There’s another level of peace that surpasses all understanding that if I am chosen by Him, He will supply all my needs and my job is simple, remain obedient, serve Him and give Him the praise.

The revelation I received today blew mind! I was ok at this particular level and doing what I know God told me to do which seems like a cake walk most days. I also understand the attacks even more so now. But when God calls you higher, and knowing what I’ve already endured, a series of emotions flooded me, I went from “no God, not me” and then I quickly remember how the last time I ran and how that worked out for me, so I repented. Then the next emotion I felt was humbleness and gratefulness, because when you’re called and you see yourself one way and God says, no I need you over here and this is what I’ve been preparing you for, then the lightbulb comes on. The next emotion I felt was confidence and honored. If He said it, then that must mean He has equipped me to do it! I’m not sure I would have taken the steps I’ve taken already, if God had showed me what He revealed today. God taught me His version of “Simon Says” except for it’s “God says”. As a result, God is turning a lot of things around for me. In the last 48 hours, I’ve seen changes within myself, my King, my acquaintances and things I’ve been praying on. Today, I watched God take a situation where I was being hated on as the “newcomer” and was being teased by “old money” and God said, show them my love and now they all became like my best friend. But God! That’s a lot of changes and I receive them because that means God is answering my prayers. No one but God! God’s Timing! Some times someone else’s word it’s sufficient enough at the time; so sometimes you have to experience it for yourself. Thank God for a patient King. I use to think I was in lead position, but I’m quickly realizing submitting yourself to God and “one to another” is a process that even leaders have to continue to learn daily because it’s not my will be done, but rather His will be done. We are just “riding out” our destiny on this journey because it’s Him that is ordering our footsteps steps, not us!

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Matters of the Heart Tonight…

I feel awful about Ms. Sue and being homeless at 63. When I think about the weeks leading up to this and the many conversations, I know I did all I could do to help and realize people have to be willing to help themselves. I know what it feels to be homeless and I wouldn’t want that on my worst enemy, especially as a women. I sit here and I remember not have sanitary products, having to go to the YMCA to shower, sleeping in my car and it does a job on your psychic. When I look back at the choices I made, I can only look at myself and realize I have to love and take care of me because at the end of the day there are no guarantee that anyone will be there for you. I think about the people God placed in my path to carry me through some difficult times and I know that’s why I give God the praise every day that I breathe and very thankful for those who allowed God to use them.

I know that I have move forward to not end up in that place again and I know people go homeless every day and if I could, I would help each and everyone of them. However, I’ve also learned that some people only learn through painful lessons like that before they get it together. I know I did. I lost a lot of material things that were family treasures, but I thank God more that I didn’t loose my mind. When you don’t know where your next meal is coming from and your body aches from how you had to sleep, it’s something you never forget. People look down on you and think something is wrong with you because you’re in that position and are quick to judge your circumstances without knowing your go through. It’s a humbling experience that many lack compassion for and it’s a fall that is hard to recoup from. Till this day I am still affected by that fall that often feels like when will I ever have my affairs in order. You want some times to blame others, but at the end of the day, you learn that you had to go through that for many reasons. For me it was to always appreciate what you have; to be a better judge of character in those you try to help at your expense; so that you learn to have compassion on others who are in that situation; and to be kind to others because I know there were times I felt like calling quits on life, but God and at those moments, God would send someone to speak life to me. That experience taught me how to establish boundaries and never let anyone treat me less than a Queen, but it also taught me the value of having your own space and being careful in whom you allow in that space physically, emotionally and mentally. What you would do for someone else is never what another would do for you. Never give more than you have to give and expect that person to give back to you. You often think that those that are close to you like family, friends or significant others will have your back, but often that comes with motives verses from the heart. Many people feel that it’s an opportunity and method of control and to manipulate you to get you to do what they want you to do and then they do just enough to keep you at a certain level to ensure you never rise above them. Issues of the heart. I know God allowed me to go through that as a set up for my come back to inspire others who may have gone through or going through those circumstances. I know if I didn’t have a foundation of God in my life, I know for sure I would have ended my life. The mental and emotional damage that I sort through today has given me a low threshold for anyone who threatens my sanity, my boundaries or pushes me to a place that makes me feel less than the precious treasure God has says I am to Him. I also know that before I leave this earth one of my great commissions will be to help those who want to be help rise up from homelessness and to a great place of self worth and self respect. I’ve always been told, I can’t help everybody, but I know if I can help at least one person then I’ve impacted a nation within that person and I’ve Paid it Forward. The Laws of Sowing and Reaping!

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He Keeps His Promises

Often times we are so quick to want to get ahead. We are operating on our time schedule and want to “make things happen”. That use to be my favorite “motto”…”make it happen captain”! In fact, that’s what we are taught as a discipline. In order to get things done we must have progress charts, milestones and benchmarks. But God says, they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength…”. Although we think we are ready to move, God says “hold up, it’s gonna happen, but in my time”. As this began to develop in me, it was difficult because I was so use to going full speed ahead. God places you in a position that says, stop, go, red light, move, watch, or don’t stop until you get it done.

This can be the most aggravating, frustrating and impatient time in the life of a believer. What’s funny is those 3 adjectives are the very thing that is being pruned away from your life. God is helping you to be a peace no matter what is going on around you. Nature happens in a series of processes. A flower has a process of blooming, and perhaps a scientist could study and hypothesize on the process dates and create a great track record of when you will see each step. In fact, I’ve seen doctors do it with the tracking of a woman’s pregnancy. However, they still do no control the actual process. God says when the eyes develop or the first bud blooms. God determines how much sunlight and rain is required for the bloom to occur. What the scientist and doctors have discovered is “knowledge” by observing an experience.

As I have taken a back seat over the last week or saw, I saw many things unfold and many things in line with the word of God and many things tainted to appear like the word of God. In some cases, it is clear to see the heart of God and it is clear to see that greed is prime motive. Conviction to do what is righteous is an individual God thing. Some will, some may, some won’t. What is clear in this season is that those things that which do not belong to the vine will be cut and will wither away. As I came into peace about the “wait” and “trust in God with all my heart and lean not to my own understanding”, I saw God began to orchestrate more gifts. I saw myself staying committed to the process and preparation, but in the midst of the storm being reassured that what is before me is not what will be. To be able to rest in that “joy”, press forward and enjoy where I was at…and it reminded me of these two scriptures:


In obedience, God opened a door for another assignment and within 3 days extended my assignment, elevated me to work with the VP and relocated me to corporate headquarters. He caused people to sow into my life and restored another relationship. My territory has been enlarged in those assigned to me and through it all, there is peace. All I can say is that I am grateful and I know whatever gift that is given to me will be used to “pay it forward” to many others in some way or another.

My faith was tested in so many ways recently and standing on His Word took faith. Learning to operate in the “flow” requires patience and understanding that it is His will be done and not yours. Resting in faith through His word, song and prayer has been the foundational catapult. A Surrendering to self. It requires a lot of trust, listening to His voice and forever being humble. Often times the minute I am given new information, the “test” follows immediately to see how I apply it to a situation. So how you process information becomes crucial to living a better life and that comes from being grounded in His word and mindful of who is in your environment. Over time you become better at the test and passing with flying colors. It’s no different than practicing for the “LSAT” or any other similar standardize test. After you become a student of the subject matter, you seek to master it and you do. I know that we cannot and will not work with everyone. There will be those that are chosen and for many, that will ruffle feathers, but that’s an issue between God and that person. But I do know that if God promised it, it will come to fruition! God keeps His promises. Precept upon precept. Baby Steps with a whole lot of the Fruits of the Spirit. If you ask God to order your footsteps, you can expect that He will. Promises!

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